Investor Visas in Europe

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July 2, 2019
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July 9, 2019

Investor Visas in Europe

Investor visa is a term used to define a residence-by-investment programme generally proposing a real estate investment or a passive investment such as government bonds or bank deposit. Investor visas generally don’t include business investor programmes such as entrepreneur or startup visas. Pretty much every country in Europe has a form of Immigrant Entrepreneur programme where someone who wants to start a business can get a residence permit. You can get the list of most of them here: Cost of Residence & Citizenship schemes for HNWI.

As for investor visas for passive investments such as real estate and bonds, there are a few dozen of them. I’ll hyperlink the ones where you can access more information.

Andorra Residence Without Lucrative Activity | start at EUR 450,000

Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program | start at EUR 500,000

France Passport Talent – Investor | start at EUR 300,000

Greece Golden Visa | start at EUR 250,000

Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme | start at EUR 1M

Italy Investor Visa | start at EUR 500,000

Latvia Immigrant Investor Program | start at EUR 50,000

Luxembourg Investor Visa | start at EUR 500,000

Malta Residence Visa Programme | start at EUR 250,000

Netherlands Foreign Investor | start at EUR 1.25M

Portugal Investor Visa | start at EUR 200,000

San Marino Elective Residence | start at EUR 500,000

Spain Investor Residency | start at EUR 500,000

UK Tier 1 Investor Programme | start at GBP 2M

These are the only investor visas in Europe that don’t require the investor to be actively involved in a business.

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