STC before a Quebec government commission on immigration.

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June 1, 2016
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February 15, 2017

Quebec national assembly

Stephane Tajick Consulting (STC) was asked to appear before a Quebec government commission on immigration.

STC was asked about the Quebec immigrant investor retention rate, which has been believed for many years to be problematic.

Our study reveals that published statistics on the subject have a significant margin of error that render the data unreliable. The definition of “presence” and “retention” are not adequately fleshed out. Furthermore, too many different variables and events alter the current trends of Quebec’s statistics on the subject.

We cannot confirm or disprove that Quebec has a retention problem, since we cannot base it on solid data. Nevertheless, due to its nature, the program should have a low-tax residency rate. That should surprise no one.

Whether the province has an actual retention problem or can improve his presence rate is up for debate. In the case of this possibility, we have proposed a post-landing settlement program to complement Quebec’s current Immigrant Investor program.

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