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March 21, 2019
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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment
March 21, 2019

Costa Rica Residence by Investment

Costa Rica is a holiday paradise that attracts many tourists and short-term residents alike. For those that are interested in staying longer in Costa Rica, the country offers temporary residence to investors and rentiers. The application process is estimated to take 90 days from submission to receipt of the residence permit. Applicants can add their spouse and children under 25 years old. Those that get approved receive a 3-year temporary residence permit in Costs Rica. After holding that temporary residence permit for 3 years, the holder can apply for permanent residence in
Costa Rica. Naturalization is also possible after 7 years of residence in the country.

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Cost Rica Immigrant Investor Program

Costa Rica’s residence by investment program requires foreigners to apply for temporary residence as an investor. The interested foreign person must demonstrate their investment with a capital of not less than US$200,000 in real estate, insurable assets, shares, securities, productive projects or projects of interest national. A total of US$100,000 can be invested in a forest plantation.

The forest plantation investment needs to be held for 3 years, but the other investment needs to be kept as long as you want to maintain a temporary status. Normally an investor would keep an investment for 3 years and then apply for permanent residence.

Cost Rica Rentier

The Costa Rica Rentier program requires the applicants to prove a certain amount of monthly income. It’s similar to the retired pensioner program but without an age requirement.

Foreign applicants need to demonstrate with a document issued by a competent authority that for a period of not less than 2 years they will receive a permanent income of not less than the monthly sum of US$2500.

Learn about Costa Rica by visiting the tourism website.

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