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May 13, 2014
The 2016 Cities Economic Power Ranking
January 13, 2016


Stephane Tajick Consulting launched its first annual Global Residency & Citizenship Report. The report aim to help wealthy individuals looking to relocate to find the city best suited to them. With over 100 business migration scheme detailed, the report is a guide book to HNWI to relocate.

The report targets cities as place of relocation instead of countries and built its own quality of life index tailored to HNWI. Interestingly, the report produce a top 10 of destinations depending on your profile. The UAE cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi ranked top 2 for the best cities if you are looking for a low tax jurisdiction. The UK Tier 1 Investor, by introducing the Super Premium service for application processing,  has become the fastest program in the market. Montreal and Vancouver take top spot respectively of the $1-2M ideal relocation and $5M ideal relocation.


For more information you can download your free copy here : GRC Report 2016

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